Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to avoid PDF virus and protect your PC

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are used to store information and are transferred via different means.
Generally we think PDF files are safe from viruses. Are they Really safe from Virus??
Answer is "NO"
PDF Virus

Shocked !!!

So, How do PDF files become malicious?
- Programmers inject a small piece of Javascript code in the PDF file.
- When you open the PDF document, the script will be executed and it will call an external virus(mostly trojan) and it will infect your computer.

Now, you will ask too many questions :
How to avoid PDF virus and protect my PC ?
How to use PDF files without infecting my PC ?
What is the Solution to PDF virus ?

- Don't worry, follow these instructions and protect your PC :


Adobe Reader Users:

Open Adobe Reader
->Edit -> Preferences (or press ctrl + k)
In Categories ->Javascript.

Adobe reader preference

-> Uncheck Enable Acrobat JavaScript 
-> Ok

Foxit Reader users:

Open Foxit Reader

poxit reader preferences

-> Trust Manager -> in Javascript -> Uncheck Enable JavaScript Actions
-> OK

Now Open PDF files without worry !!
:) :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free internet - Free Zone by Google

If I ask - Do You wish to minimise your Mobile internet bill??
the Answer will be - Yes, definitely!! who wishes to pay high 3G data pricing!!

Here is Solution to high 3G data charge

 Free Zone Powered by Google

As per Google : Use the best of Google on the go, data charge free.

What is Free Zone?

- Using Free Zone you can access many internet services free of cost(no charge for data). 

- These free services mostly include Google+, Gmail and Google Search.

- Available on most internet-enabled mobile phones on default Browser(no 3rd party browser)

- You can use Free Zone even if you haven’t subscribed to a data plan with your operator.

- Before you are charged, you will see a notification page. If you don’t already have a data plan, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for one.

- Whenever it is Green, you can surf free of cost, when it turns Red billing will start ie, your data plan comes in picture there.

- Viewing mail attachment is charged.

- No charge for Google search, even you can go to the website shown on the search page without being charged. But if you clicked on any link there, then pricing will come in picture.

example : if you click on a search link to a Wikipedia article, you won’t pay anything. But if you click on a link within the article, you will be charged for the data costs incurred loading that link. Also, you will be warned before being charged.
Basically, you can save money for using these services via Free Zone. Rest of the internet is charged as usual.

** only Mobile users will get this facility with default browsers. PC or Tab users will be charged as normal

Happy Surfing!!
:) :)