Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facebook Unresponsive Script Error Solved -

Hello Friends, 
FB Error Solved

Today I am sharing Solution of the problem I was facing from many days and after searching about it I came to know that I am not the only one!! (gives pleasure when you are not the only sufferer :D :D  )

Problem :

Using Facebook with some tabs open for more than 15- 20 minutes, a Script error comes with Heading 'warning: unresponsive Script' :
(Later part of the script differs when it is generated again or different in system)
Script error
 and browsers hangs up.

Browser Affected: all (I am using Mozzilla Firefox, but after googling the problem suggested this problem is with all browsers)

Cause : 
might be issue due to Image Fetching from ""

In Simple words, The images uploaded to Facebook(not hosted on Facebook Server), are actually being hosted by, a CDN (content delivery network) you can say, a third party provider.

How can I say that images are not hosted on Facebook but on ??
- Well, go to any image you have uploaded in your time line -> right click on image -> view image(Firefox) or open image in new tab(in chrome)
check the address bar now, it will look like:

Look at the highlighted section.(sorry, if the image made your mouth flooded )


 Restoring the browser to factory settings or creating a new Profile for browser may solve this but only for sometime.
Till now, I came to only one perfect solution that too for Mozilla Firefox only. 
it is an addon of firefox 'FB Phishing Protector' , version 4.3 onwards solves this problem
check it Here
if you wish to check its other versions, Go Here
Just add it... Done!!

Happy Facebooking!!
:) :)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best antivirus for windows 8 - Enable Windows Defender

Hello Friends, Today we will discuss about Windows 8. We have heard about it that it is very much Secure, Yes it is!!
Some bugs were there, Don't worry, soon you will see 'Windows Blue' in form of Update 'Windows 8.1' which is good. As per Microsoft : We know you’re not super happy and we’re going to make it better.

Lets talk about Antivirus for Windows 8, I have come across the most popular question:

Which is best Antivirus for Windows 8?

:) well.. most of you don't know, Windows 8 comes with inbuilt complete and Full Protection Antivirus in form of Windows Defender.

Microsoft has clubbed Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows Defender.
Use it, it is good.
Now Question arises..

How to Enable Windows Defender in Windows 8 ?
- First, Uninstall any Previously installed Antivirus.
- bring up charms menu on right hand side of screen,
- click settings -> control panel -> Action Center
- in Action Center -> under 'Security' -> press "Turn on now" button to enable "Windows Defender".

In Search, Type 'Services' ->

 window defender, click settings tab, click turn on real time protection. save

No need to purchase any antivirus software. You are safe now.