Friday, February 22, 2013

Speed Up Your Internet Connection by Changing Your DNS Server

Who doesn't want a better internet speed?
Who will not be happy after getting a better and quicker response from web browser after requesting any url(say, )

Here I just try to help you by making your web browsing experience better. Obviously by helping you enhance your internet connectivity options. That is by choosing the best and fastest DNS for your connection.

What is DNS servers? How will it affect internet speed?

The DNS protocol is an important part of the web's infrastructure, serving as the Internet's phone book: every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS lookup. Complex pages often require multiple DNS lookups before they start loading, so your computer may be performing hundreds of lookups a day.
In one line, "url to IP address translation" is done at DNS server.

In make it simpler, Lets look how a webpage loads in your system using internet.

whenever you request any url(say, ) your web browser goes to DNS server for its corresponding IP address(here, "" ). After the url is resolved to its corresponding IP address, then only your request go to desired website server and in return its respective page is sent to your IP address.
so faster the DNS server, faster the web page loading.

How to Find Fast DNS servers?
There are many Fast Open DNs servers available, also DNs Provided by ISP also works good. Choosing Best and Fastest DNS for your connection is complex as it is decided by many factors( location, type of connection, ISP used, etc).

Best way to select best DNS server for your connection is to test yourself using good benchmark tools in your own internet speed. I'll recommend :
1) DNS Benchmark
2) Namebench

How to use?
1) DNS Benchmark (Zipped with Password - techsoln )
Download it -> double-click executable file -> click 'Nameservers tab'-> Add/Remove button.
The Edit DNS Server IPs window will open. At the very bottom, click the "Build Nameserver Custom List" option.
In the resulting pop-up box, click the Build Custom List button
wait for the process to complete, it usually takes about 37 minutes.
When the list is complete, click the "Run Benchmark button" on the Nameservers tab. When the benchmark completes its work, it will present the results automatically, sorted by response time.

2) Namebench
download it->double-click the executable file -> check both 'include global DNS providers' and 'Include best available regional DNS services' options.
confirm that your location is set properly in the corresponding drop-down menu.
click the 'Start Benchmark' button.
Namebench will run a few tests and then present you with a results page listing the fastest DNS name servers that your system can access.

You can verify its effect by using before and after changing the DNS server.

If you don't want to do above tests, select by hit and try the following DNS servers.
there are many Free Public DNS servers available, some Faster(in general) are shown here:             &             (Google Public DNS-Sufer fast)   & (ScrubIT3)   &   (OpenNIC4)   &   (Public-Root5)        &      (Comodo DNS) &  (OpenDNS)     &     (DNS Advantage)   &    (Norton DNS)     &     (SmartViper)      &       (Level3)

How to change DNS?

Go to Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center->Click 'Local Area Connection'-> Properties -> Select 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)'->click 'Properties'-> click on 'Use the following DNS addresses' and change it to the best one you find.then ok -ok to come out.

Happy speedy Surfing :)


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