Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Show Hidden files in Windows 7, Vista, XP using GUI , Command line


Where have my Files Gone?  

Have you faced the situation, when you couldn't find your important file in your Pen-drive or hard disk but disk space usage still the same?
- Don't Panic, your files are safe they have just got hidden(by virus or some person)
-All you need is to either  

   a) Show your hidden files
   b) Un-hide your files

Show your hidden files 

Opening Folder Option is different for XP & Win 7

        For Windows 7/ windows Vista

Open My computer or any folder.

Click Organize button -> select Folder and Search Options

            For Windows XP

Open My computer or any folder.

In Menu Bar Click Tools -> select Folder Options

After Folder Options is opened use following process for both OS 


Click  the View tab->select Show hidden files and folders

In Advanced settings:
  •  Select Show hidden files and folders
  •  Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types
  •  Uncheck Hide protected operating system files
  •  Select yes in the next window asked
  •  Click Apply
  •  OK


Now all Hidden files in your system is visible to you. Don't delete any unknown files as it may be windows system files.

Un-hide your files

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your task bar.

Update: some lines are changed as from previous to minimize confusion & make the Readers understand in better way. 
  • Win 7/Vista users-> Type cmd in the search box and press Enter. 
  • Windows XP users-> click Run and type cmd into the Run box.
  • Go to the required Folder(Directory) using cd command,ie, If required files are in f: drive then type f: then Enter
Type attrib -s -h -r *.* /s /d and press Enter.

Else you can provide path of that folder(as shown in address bar) and make it unhide.

For example, 
1) if the required folder name "xyz" and it is  in f: drive. (path: f:\xyz\)
Type attrib -s -h -r f:\xyz\*.* /s /d and press Enter.

2) if folder name contains blank space, then Put the path in double quotes ( "") and provide exact path(also check no. of blank spaces)
if required folder is : flash games in c: drive. (path is- c:\flash games\)

Type attrib -s -h -r "c:\flash games\*.*" /s /d  and press Enter.

command prompt

Now all the Files in that Folders are visible to you.

Note: here, to show value of no. of 'blank space' , I put an extra blank space in the folder name, so required path became: 
c:\flash  games instead of
c:\flash games 
and running the above command returned me an error as shown in the snapshot. I corrected the name of the folder, then the command run perfectly.

IF you are Unable to find "Show Hidden Files and Folders" or "Folder options" click Restore

Feel free to ask your queries.


  1. I applied some of the tips& above mentioned tips but it doesn't show any thing.It shows only windows can't format this.give any suggestion

    1. what is your real exact problem?
      this link belongs to show hidden files in your system.
      I guess your problem is with pendrive.
      please elaborate

    2. check :

      Hope this will help solving your problem

  2. i use the cmd command, the command went crazily long list non stopping (blablabla denied ... ) n still goes on even for hour .. i have an important files in it , HELPPP MEEEE PLS T_T

    1. Have you given the commands precisely??

      If yes then it will be better if you show the print screen of cmd after giving the specified command. That way your problem can be better understood and solved.

      Don't worry, your files will surely be recovered.

  3. Thanks.
    I have retrieved the files.
    Thank You very much.

    1. You are most welcome!!
      Thanks for letting us know that this helped you.

      Do visit other posts.

  4. Hello Mr. Naveen, since you are the 2nd person to face problem with those commands, I edited some lines to minimize error from Reader's side.
    Please try again as elaborated in the commands.

    If still hidden files are not showing in the required folder.
    Then it might be due to virus, as virus process keeps on running which may run hiding commands periodically.

    to clean virus check this page of our blog:

  5. Thank you very much .....I retrived mu files

  6. Thanks a lot
    I have recovered my files.

    1. Welcome...
      Visit other pages and our facebook page too!!

  7. Sirji window 8 main kaiso show hongi hidden files from pendrive.....?

  8. I have Hp Pendrive Its capacity is 32gb but when i want to, copy, transfer and format it show the disk is write protected. and i have done all technique which is provide on . But all technique didnots works form althoug it tell the the disk is write protected

  9. Thank you Sir for the help but after trying everything, the feedback i get is access denied , G:\AUTORUN.INF

  10. I have a SanDisk 16GB pendrive. All my data is missing although when i check the properties it shows the pendrive uses 7GB data. I have tried using the command prompt options give above, it doesn't work :( i have unchecked hidden folders option too! what can i do now? i have loads of important data!

  11. sir still i dint retrieve my pen drive please help me
    windows-7 ultimate .OS
    sony pendrive 8GB

  12. i try many ways but still i am not getting data

  13. hurrey superb working

  14. use winrar to access files in pendrive hidden by virus

  15. i tried many items but cmd box show does not exist

  16. I have tried the cmd one,but the files are only visible for a few seconds and then dissapear

  17. procedure follows but but find error " Access Denied - G:\System Volume Information "

  18. Using Window 7 No Service Pack..Works Great After Apply The Key Command of attrib -s -h -r *.* /s /d

    Then I follow below instruction..

    Click the View tab->select Show hidden files and folders

    In Advanced settings:
    Select Show hidden files and folders
    Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types
    Uncheck Hide protected operating system files
    Select yes in the next window asked
    Click Apply

    Thanks Mr. sourabh singh

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