Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to completely clear url history on firefox

Recently I came across a  question regarding how to Clear Completely the suggestion provided by browser which generally comes from our Browser History.

Truth is, Suggestions comes from two sources:
  1. Browsing History
  2. Bookmark Favourites
How to get rid of them?

Solution 1: Private Browsing

Private Browsing allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited.
How to use it:

Tools -> Start Private Browsing

Click on Start private browsing button when asked 
(you may/ may not check the check box there)


Solution 2: Browsing History

 Tools -> Options

In History section

Choose Never remember history

In Location bar section:

choose Nothing

   With above, also check your Bookmarks/ Favorite/ Starred links. Remove unwanted address from there.

Happy Browsing.. :)