Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Know PC's Gender

Do you know whether your PC or Laptop is Male or Female?

- I'll show you how to verify. I am not kidding, you will listen his/her voice yourself.

Still don't believe me!!

Let me show you,

It is just simple code, You have two Options now

Option 1:

-Download the zipped file: PC Gender
-Extract the file: right click on zipped file->Extract here->Give password: techsoln
-Now you have the file 'Auto shutdown_Tech-Soln.vbs' .

Option 2: 

-Create the File yourself
-Open Notepad and write this simple code or just copy & Paste(with precaution) :

CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I Love You"

Save as this as ' PC_Gender.vbs ' as shown in figure:

Save as ' PC_Gender.vbs '

Now to know Gender of your PC, Keep your PC Speaker ON and double click on ' PC_Gender.vbs ' and Listen its voice, whether it is Male Voice or Female Voice?

My Mom used to say, My Laptop is my girlfriend as I always keep it with me.
And it turned out to be Female. :)

But My Working PC is Male. :(

Check yours and tell me.

Have Fun :) 


  1. Nice one... Mine is Female

    1. Thanks.. also visit other posts.
      By the way, Unique Name !!

  2. Good one! I want to give one suggestion,
    Why don't you also provide a direct download option, so people(less techie) who are not comfortable in making these scripts themselves, should download it and able to use them.

    Anyway, Mine is Male..

    1. Thanks Mohit, It is a great Suggestion. It will help Novice person to use these Scripts.
      We will be updating Download link very soon!!

    2. Hey.. I too have a Girlfriend Laptop.