Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Prevent from virus - Learn safe habits

"Prevention is Better than cure"

PC with Virus
Imagining the world without Computer is impossible and so is 'A virus free world'!
If we have to live in the same world then why not Learn and Prepare ourselves so as to Prevent Virus infection as long as we can.

'Antivirus' is the word must be coming in your mind by now.
Okay.. Let me Divide this computer world in Three Categories: 

I.   Computers having No Antivirus
II.  Computers having Good Antivirus
III. Computers having Antivirus & Virus (living together happily)

You might be thinking Second Category must be virus free.

As per I see it,even a Mid-Low level Virus can enter and infect all the three Categories if the User handling them are unaware of Safe habits.

Safe System = Secure computer+(security)Informed user

Who is (security)Informed user ?
-User who Learn and practice safe habits to use computer.
-Keeps updating his knowledge time to time

Safe Habits - to prevent virus

- Have a Good Updated Antivirus installed
   Some Good Free Antiviruses:
          - 'Microsoft Security Essentials' if you have Genuine Windows else
          - 'AVG' or 'Avast' (free versions)
- Update your Window Regularly
- Keep Pop up Blocker ON
- Have a File catching Download Manager installed(idm, orbit downloader) and set it to catch all virus extensions
(unsafe websites download virus in your PC in back-end)  
- Prohibit going to illegal website (including keygen, torrent) even if you do, scan everything you get.
- scan everything you get from outside world before using whether you downloaded it, email attachment, from LAN network, External drives
- Using external drives(pendrive, memory card, external HDD) safely:
  - Always close the AutoPlay window which comes after inserting:
  - Don't double click it from My computer also
  - Open it either from address bar or explore(my computer-right click drive-explore)
  - Always keep 'show hidden files' ON while using External drives.
  - Don't click anything suspicious, NEVER click shortcut or .exe extension you don't know about
  - In each of your drive(local, pendrive, MMC, HDD)
     - Make a New folder->name it as ' Autorun.inf ' 
     - Open command prompt-> go to your drive-> type this code:
       attrib +r +s +h Autorun.inf
I will try to keep updating you here, If you have any doubt or query regarding above, Feel free to ask.

Tell me how much you like it.
Any suggestion to improve is always welcome!!

Happy Safe Computing!!

:) :)             

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