Friday, March 15, 2013

Play Incomplete Downloaded Videos in IDM

Many a times, while downloading video from IDM, some of video remains incomplete and don't allow to resume.
If it stops at 99% or 98% it is very irritating for us. We again download it from very beginning, which is time consuming and also entire data is again downloaded.

IDM home screen
If you have also faced above problem, then this blog will bring smile to your face.
Because you can search those incomplete files in your system and even play them(if they more than 90% downloaded).

Let us see how!!


Step I : Open Appdata

->Click 'Start'
(win XP user) -> click 'Run'
(Win 7 user) in search box -> type 'Run' -> open
->Type ' %appdata% '


Step II : Browse Folder where file is

Go to 'IDM' -> 'DwnlData' -> User ->
Now, you have to apply your brain.

Here each folder is for each downloaded files(generally) whether complete(less in size) or incomplete(large in size).

Look for the folder which is large in size, Open it.
Here is screenshot of one such folder, the 'User name' is blackened for anonymity.

A Folder where in incomplete files are saved

 Since, IDM breaks files into multiple files, so it shows multiple files.
If it is single file(some website doesn't allow multiple download) then here you will find one larger file.

Step III : check and Play the files  

Leave the Log file, Drag and drop each large files in multi-format supported Player like- 'VLC player' or 'Media Player Classic'.

Hurray!! Now your incomplete downloads are accessible to you!!

Don't forget to Leave your comments and experiences, I'll be answering if any query is there.



  1. Replies
    1. It is pleasure to listen it.. :)
      view others posts also..

  2. what if its zipped? everytime i extract i extract it, Diagnostic Message always Popped up.

    1. It is pretty difficult to use Partly downloaded zipped files as many files are, you can say, compiled to make a single zipped file.
      If any repairing software for zipped files comes then it can be used, till now there is no software of this capability has been made..

      So, my answer is.... it is very rare to recover zipped file through this method

  3. i downloaded video and got four file when it was clopleted 98% and got stopped but tried to play but first and second does not start and other two when i start with vlc media player the vlc media player just go crashed.. so what now help

    1. as the files are not completely downloaded, it may lead to crash some media player(in your case vlc) and may run on some.

      Give it a try with some other players also... like GOM player, media player classic, KM player

      if you still can't open it... then the missing part contains the necessary codes to open that file.. try downloading it again

  4. It plays only for 2 minutes

    1. actually, IDM fragments file to multiple parts, and downloads them separately.
      So, the file you found must be one of the multiple parts!!

  5. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  6. thanks and here is the video that show your technique .

  7. wahh cheete....

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    How to download Torrent file using IDM

  9. it was 337mb, i put .mp4 in the end as it was in fact MP4..still didn't work..its not playing :(

  10. You can see tis post

  11. hi! i have dwnlded 99.96% of file and it started to downld again but when i opened the file as your command it only played of few seconds. The video was of 2GB.

  12. only a part of my video is playing not all . Do u have any idea to combine all

  13. but in my case it is not there......
    can u explain why ?

  14. it is in php format what to do .. it is not playing