Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Remove Googleupdate.exe completely

remove googleupdate.exe

Most of us use at least one Google software. Be it Google chrome, Gtalk, Google Earth or other.

Yes they are awesome, but it is annoying  to see ‘googleupdate.exe’ whenever  we check Task Manager.

When all other software gets updated in 5-10 minutes, Why Google needs to update all the time?

If you read security articles frequently, some Android(google supported) Apps reported to Upload privacy data via updates

And if you end it, it will again come and irritate you.


How to remove googleupdate.exe completely?

Well you have to take lot of pain to remove it completely. Follow these steps:

1) Block at Firewall

Go to:  Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Exception tab
Uncheck ‘googleupdate’  from there if present

2) Block at Task Schedular

Go to: Control Panel -> Schedule Tasks (win xp)
          Control Panel -> System and Security -> Task scheduler (win 7)

Find ‘GoogleUpdateTaskUser’ kind of entry -> Delete it 
Scheduled task
Task Schedular

(if it comes again after reboot, then disable it)

3) End process in Task Manager

Alt+ctrl+Del -> Task Manager -> ‘Process’ tab -> Right click on ‘googleupdate.exe’ -> End processes

Task manager
Task Manager


4) Stop its service

Run -> type ‘Services.msc’ -> Double click ‘googleupdate’ -> select ‘Disabled’ in start up type

5) Remove ‘googleupdate.exe’ completely

Open ‘Run’ type following paths :
%userprofile%\local settings\application data\google\
c:\Program Files\Google\

Open ‘Update’ folder -> delete ‘googleupdate.exe’ from there (can delete everything there)

Go back to 'google' folder -> right click ->properties -> Security tab -> edit
In the new ‘Permission and Update’ window
Select a user -> in Permission section, check ‘Deny’ in Full control
Repeat this for each users(must have Administrator rights) -> Apply -> OK



6) Remove from start up

Run->msconfig->Startup tab
Uncheck ‘Googleupdate’ from there


apply -> ok -> restart


After restart, Check 'Don't show...' thing in the window that will come after start up and click OK.


This will surely remove Googleupdate.exe and do all the changes to prevent it from coming.

still after reboot, check these two paths in registry:

(These part is used by Windows to auto run processes on startup)

(Run->Regedit-> go to specified path by expanding each parent 'Entry name')

if you find the Google Update value, simply delete that one, and the process won't be started again on next Windows reboot.

Does this article helped you removing googleupdate.exe ?

Tell us through comments.

Surf freely !!
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